4 Rich Occupy Wall Street Sympathizers


cropped-fist.pngNot everybody who was involved in the Occupy Movement were members of the middle class or the working poor. There was an entire slogan dedicated to being rich and supporting the protest. “We are the 1%: We stand with the 99%” And it was used by many.

Here are four rich people who attended an Occupy protest and showed their public support for the protests.

Michael Moore

This should be no surprise. The director of Capitalism: A Love Story and a whole bunch of other documentaries covering issues of wealth distribution and social inequality supports a movement dedicated to discussing issues of wealth distribution and social inequality. Michael Moore was probably one of the movements loudest supporters amongst the rich.

He attended protests and he spoke to the media about the protests. In many cases he was criticized for participating, having a personal fortune exceeding fifty million dollars and living in a home that only the top 1% of income earners could afford, but that didn’t prevent him from speaking out on behalf of the middle class.

Roseanne Barr

While not entirely relevant as a celebrity for at least a decade, Roseanne Barr took to arms on Twitter, loudly and repeatedly voicing her support for the protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

In fact, Roseanne was loud and clear in many of her messages, suggesting that the nonviolent protests take things a little bit too far a little bit too often. In one message she said that anyone with a fortune greater than 100 million dollars should be beheaded. Luckily, the protesters in the Occupy movement strongly believed in a non-violent protest, and even the loud mouth of a crazy old comedian couldn’t stir them into acts of violence.

Maybe it was because, like Michael Moore, Roseanne’s personal fortune of nearly 80 million dollars made her seem like a hypocrite. Especially when the 100 million dollar mark seems a little too convenient.

Kanye West

Kanye West attended Occupy Wall Street dressed in hilariously overpriced clothing and jewellery. He was not received well.

But he did support the movement.

Alec Baldwin

While Alec Baldwin took a lot less derision than the rest of his celebrity peers for speaking out in support of the Occupy protests, he does take a three hundred thousand dollar per episode paycheck from NBC for 30 Rock.

Perhaps the credibility he receives from being on a popular show blinds people to the fact that NBC is owned by two major multinational corporations. Or that he receives a regular paycheck in the millions of dollars for endorsing a major credit card company.

Understandably, Alec Baldwin isn’t necessarily associated with his employers and isn’t required to share their political beliefs, his fortune was amassed almost entirely from sources that the Occupy protesters were actively attempting to fight. But to be fair, he did give a speech defending capitalism. Which he qualified by saying that he didn’t truly understand the issues. And that he agrees with the need for change.

He also later donated his earnings for endorsing the major credit card company to arts charities.

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